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Bruce Mak has been a fixture in the Chicago jazz scene for

nearly 30 years, performing at music festivals, schools,

restaurants, bars, on river boat cruises and for private events.

His extensive experience and versatility shine through in his

ability to play music inspired by experimental classical

composers, as well as jazz greats like Duke Ellington and

Thelonious Monk.

Add something special to your next event with music by Bruce

Mak and The Merry Mak Men, his long-term collaborative music

partners. The Bruce Mak Trio consists of drummer Bonbonfera

Tim Keenan, bassist Wesley Morgan and Mak on guitar. The

Bruce Mak Trio + 1 adds percussionist Michael Tooles to the

group. Mak also performs duets with George Bell on flute, as

well as providing solo performances upon request.

Looking for a traditional set — Duke Ellington

Feeling experimental — Thelonious Monk

Spice it up — Latin-inspired

Contemporary — Bruce Mak originals

Mak was formally trained at Berkley College of Music in Boston,

and at The American Conservatory of Music and The Academy

of Performing Arts both in Chicago. He has studied advanced

harmonies, big band arranging and modern classical

composers, yet his greatest passion is musical improvisation.

In the recording studio with Bruce Mak…

Bruce Mak is no stranger to the recording studio, producing

original solo material, and collaborating with other

musicians. His latest project, Alexandria, is a classical guitar

and flute duet, featuring Oscar winner, and Grammy-nominated

audio engineer George Belle. Mak is currently working with

band leader Yves Francois y Rocambu Jazz on an album

which will be released later this year. He is also back in the studio

with the Bruce Mak Trio: Mak on guitar, Bonbonfera Tim Keenan

on drums and Wesley Morgan on bass. The Bruce Mak Trio + 1

adds percussionist Michael Tooles to the equation.

One of his earlier works, 59 Blues, remains a fan favorite

and top seller.

Jazz Up Your Event

Let Bruce Mak create the soundtrack for your special event. Mak evokes a cool,

calm presence reminiscent of past eras. He brings to life music of the jazz

greats, and flows into modern improvisational originals without skipping a beat.

He truly plays with heart